Incredible Drone Footage from Around the World

Incredible Drone Footage from Around the World

With the advent of Drone technology now reaching the masses there’s no shortage in footage online.  You see them all the time now at the beach, sporting events, and even used for farming.  Regulations have been imposed in certain areas as a safety measure with the possibility of a fine.  However, there was a time when drone flying was the “wild wild west”.  Please note if you are a drone owner – do your research before flying in heavily populated areas.  That being said, we’ve scoured the internet for the most incredible drone footage from around the world – just for you.

Incredible Drone Footage – New York City

The world’s capital – New York City! This shows all of the major hot spots along with some unique locations in NYC from a bird’s eye view.

Incredible Drone Footage – Hollywood

One of the most iconic and recognizable signs in the world – the Hollywood sign!  It’s an amazing view from high up in the hills of California.  This is amazing footage and definitely not something the amateur quad copter enthusiast can get away with today.

Incredible Drone Footage – Niagara Falls

If you’ve ever visited in person – it’s something that is hard to put into words.  Truly an amazing, natural force of nature.  Many people are now saying that Niagara Falls is the New 8th Wonder of the World.

Incredible Drone Footage – Pyramids of Giza

A highly sought after place for international travelers are the great Pyramids of Giza located in Egypt.  But even visiting the iconic location won’t get you this close to really see the finer details in this majestic masterpiece.

Incredible Drone Footage – Mount Everest

The list of those adventurers that reach the summit of Mount Everest is small.  But, the list is even smaller when it comes to those who travel to the top with a Drone!  While the creator couldn’t get footage from the summit, take a look at the of the base camp in Tibet.

Be careful – once you start watching these videos you’ll go down the proverbial “rabbit hole” of additional drone footage.  Feel inspired to travel?  Lack the funds to book an expensive flight abroad?  Check out our piece on obtaining plane tickets for an absurd rate.  Mistake fares, last minute sales, and other flight hacks are covered to get you a flight for sometimes 80% off!

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