Feature Packed Smartwatch for $20? It’s True!

The company started by ex-Amazon employees has released the Wyze Watch, priced at just $20.

It’s a sleek, square smartwatch that looks great from the renders. Yes, it’s Apple Watch-esque smartwatch – that’s certainly not taking the format into new places visually.

Just like the Oppo Watch, Amazfit GTS 2, Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite, Redmi Watch, it sticks to a winning formula.

However, unlike the rest of the super budget bunch, the Wyze Watch is made of aluminum, which should give it a more premium feel, thanks to a reassuring 40g weight.

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And it’s not holding back on features. It boasts a nine day battery life, heart rate tracking and even an SpO2 sensor for your $20, making it one of the cheapest options out there.

Sleep monitoring and activity tracking are big on its features list – although it’s only water resistant to 2 metres, so this isn’t one for the pool.

The Wyze Watch is available in 44mm and 47mm case sizes, which pack in a generous 1.4-inch/1.75-inch display respectively.

And while you’re not going to get the same quality as the Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 at $20, the 41mm gets a 320×320 LCD display, and the 47mm a 320×385 panel.

There’s no GPS, and in a slight departure for Wyze, there’s no Alexa on board.

It’s not the company’s first wearable. The Wyze Band launched earlier this yearat an equally enticing $24, with Alexa on board.

The company is known for its smart home technology, and is closely aligned with Alexa, being founded by former Amazon employees.

And the Wyze Watch adds shortcuts to control your other Wyze devices from the wrist.

Its $20 Wyze Cam has proved popular, and the company certainly sticks to its ethos of solid, well designed products that provide the basics for low prices.

And on paper, it certainly seems to have managed that with the Wyze Watch.

Testing has continued as we received one recently as a pre-order. While there are a few UI changes we would make, it seems very promising especially for the price of a few coffees!

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