iPhone X – Love or Hate? Wait Until You See These Reactions…

iPhone X Review

Apple has made it’s triumphant return with the iPhone X to much of its usual fanfare.   Some of the first iPhone X’s appeared on eBay and some sold for upwards of $15,000.00 while the retail price tag for the phone is $999.00.  Now that the phone has been out in the wild since November 3rd, what are those who have the iPhone X thinking about the phone?

iphone X Reactions

Here’s what a few iPhone X Users on Reddit had to say about their new device:

“It’s bloody heavy. I moved from an iPhone 6 and it seems to have significantly greater mass. Larger size and glass construction does that.
All glass body means FINGERPRINTS EVERYWHERE. I’d buy a case just not to have those smears everywhere.”

“FaceID is flawless when you’re holding the phone square on, but it gets a bit finicky if it’s flat on the table for example. That’s one of the reasons I like to have auto-lock of phone after 5 minutes. But if you just bring the phone to your face and swipe up, chances are FaceID will have unlocked during that time, so it seems smooth.”

“The hardware has taken a big step forward and FaceID could turn out to be a very nice perk, but fundamentally we are going to be running the same apps and doing the same things as other iPhone users, aside from the AR stuff (and even most of that translates over to the 8 and 8 plus)
It’s a luxury car: You go faster and enjoy it a little more because of the pampering, and look nicer doing it, but you’re still getting from point A to point B at the end of the day, just like the dude in the Civic. I’m fine with that though, and still very excited, as I’m a hardware guy and I think this is a nice piece of hardware.”

The general consensus is that, yes, it’s another quality product by Apple.  However, it doesn’t have the same major overhaul in tech specs as previous iterations of the iPhone.  Lewis from Unbox Therapy on YouTube does a great unboxing video that has an extensive review of the new device.  Watch the video below and drop us a comment.

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