Chicago Magic Lounge’s Enchanting Jazz & Tableside Magic

If you’re craving a night out that’s a little less ordinary and a lot more magical, the Chicago Magic Lounge has just the trick up its sleeve—or should we say, in its hat? Every Monday night, this one-of-a-kind venue transforms into a captivating fusion of live jazz and mesmerizing close-up magic, creating an experience you won’t find anywhere else. Welcome to Music and Magic Night! We went to experience the evening first hand, and it was even more fun that we imagined.

A Swinging, Spellbinding Evening

Located in the heart of Chicago’s vibrant Andersonville neighborhood, the Chicago Magic Lounge is renowned for bringing back the city’s forgotten magic bar scene. But on Monday nights, they kick it up a notch by pairing soulful jazz tunes with astonishing magic performances. From the moment you step through the secret entrance (yes, it’s hidden behind a laundromat!), you’ll be transported into a world where anything seems possible.

The evening starts with a live jazz ensemble that sets the tone with sultry saxophones and tantalizing trumpet tunes. As you sip on craft cocktails named after famous magicians and magical phrases—try the “Houdini’s Escape” or the “Prestidigitation Potion”—you’ll feel the buzz of anticipation in the air. The jazz musicians were great and intertwined some original songs along with well known covers. The crowd especially enjoyed the jazz version of Santana’s smash hit “Smooth”. It was great and not too loud where you couldn’t talk with your friends and family.

But the real enchantment begins when the magicians start circulating. Each table gets a personal show as talented magicians perform sleight-of-hand tricks right before your eyes. It’s intimate, it’s interactive, and according to attendee Mike J. from Yelp, “It’s like the musicians and magicians are competing to see who can blow your mind more!”

Unforgettable Impressions from Real Guests

Visitors consistently rave about their magical evenings at the lounge. Sarah T. shared on TripAdvisor, “The combination of jazz and magic created a uniquely mesmerizing atmosphere. We were thoroughly entertained from start to finish!” Meanwhile, on Yelp, Danny K. commented, “Each magician brought something new to the table—literally—and the jazz was just as fantastic. A perfect date night!”

The Chicago Magic Lounge also prides itself on its exceptional service and ambiance. The decor is both classy and curious, filled with hidden doors and secret passages that add to the mystery of the night. As Lucy H. notes, “The venue itself is part of the magic. Just when you think you’ve figured it out, it surprises you!”

Plan Your Visit to the Chicago Magic Lounge

“Music and Magic Night” is popular and seating is limited, so booking your tickets in advance is highly recommended. The event is tailored for adults, making it an ideal outing for a date night or a fun evening with friends. Dressing up is not required but certainly adds to the fun!

Prices are reasonable with tickets ranging from $35 to $55, depending on seating and showtime. Each ticket includes a seat for the show and magic performances at your table. Drinks and food can be purchased separately, with a menu that tantalizes as much as the performances.

So whether you’re a jazz enthusiast, magic aficionado, or simply in search of a unique night out, Chicago Magic Lounge’s “Music and Magic Night” promises an evening full of surprises and delights. Don’t miss this magical blend of music and mischief—book your tickets now and let your evening be transformed!

Where to Go: Chicago Magic Lounge, 5050 N Clark St, Chicago, IL When: Every Friday night, 7:30 PM and 10:00 PM Tickets: Start at $30. Book online at Chicago Magic Lounge Tickets

Come for the magic, stay for the jazz, and leave absolutely enchanted. See you there!

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