311’s Beautiful Disaster IPA Review

You may know the band 311 from the hit songs over he last 2 decades.  It all started with the song “Down” back in the early nineties when the band from Omaha, Nebraska moved to Los Angeles, California and made a hit record.  These days, 311 is still a successful touring band and just recently released “Mosaic” which charted in the top 10 its first week.

However, the band has moved into other ventures with one of them being 311 beer! The first release happened in March 2016 with an Amber ale called, you guessed it, Amber.  Now, on November 3rd (which is 311 backwards) they just released a second beer called Beautiful Disaster.  The name is a homage not only to the song, but also the structure of this potent 11.3% IPA (also 311 backwards – are you seeing the trend?)

After one sip, you’ll notice it doesn’t exactly taste like a heavy, high octane IPA.  But rather, Beautiful Disaster has some citrus hops mixed in with kumquat which leaves a tart and slightly sour taste to finish.  It is a full bodied brew that drinks nice and clean – a beautiful brew that if you drink to many will inevitably lead to disaster.  Right now, you have to be in the Tampa area to be one of the lucky ones to get your hands on a bottle or draft of the brew.  However, Rock Brothers Brewery plan on eventually doing a mail order program to get this IPA out to the masses.


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